TBC Classic investment and preparation

TBC Classic investment and preparation

Why invest your gold

The reason you should invest your gold now is that almost everything will get more expensive when TBC Classic is released, and even before that. Investing your gold now is the smartest thing to do, simply because of the gold inflation that comes with every expansion.

The question is, of course, how the release will work. The problem with waiting for that information though, is that the prices of the good investments will have risen so high by then, that it’s much less worth it then. And in the worst case scenario, that we can’t take anything over, you can always just sell everything at the normal price.

What to invest in for TBC Classic

While everything that is still used in TBC will most likely rise in price, the best items to invest in before TBC hits are items that are also used for new things that come with the expansion.

Leveling up Professions will be a big thing in TBC, as it is even much more lucrative in terms of gold than in Classic. Professions that will be leveled up a lot in TBC are Jewelcrafting because it is new, Leatherworking because of the drums for raids and Alchemy for the Masteries.

For these reasons, the best items to invest in before TBC Classic hits are Jewelcrafting materials like Mithril Ore, Thorium Ore, most Gems and items required for leveling the other professions, like leather and herbs.

TBC Classic investment
Classic TBC investment

What will items be worth in TBC?

Of course, as it was the case with Classic, the experience of TBC Classic will vastly differ from what we know from the past. Though there is a lot of data from private Servers that can be learned from. Websites like wow-auctionhouse.com provide Auction House data of previous TBC Private Servers. Of course, this is to be taken with a grain of salt, but it can be a good starting point to get an idea.

The best investments for TBC Classic

As mentioned above, any items that are required for Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking or Alchemy leveling will be very good. I’ve compiled a list of the most used items in these professions:

  • A lot of Mithril is required to level up Jewelcrafting. While the same can be said for Thorium and some lower ores, Mithril has by far the lowest supply of all of them.
  • Any gems, especially those that can be prospected from Mithril Ore in TBC, like Citrine, Aquamarine and Star Ruby. They will be needed for Jewelcrafting.
  • Golden Sansam is not used for a lot at the moment, even though it is quite a high level herb, making it quite cheap to acquire. Golden Sansam is used in some of the first potions that Alchemists can make in TBC, so it will be quite a good investment.
  • In order to get Leatherworking to 300, around 20 stacks of Rugged Leather are needed. Leathworking will be level up by lots of raiders and the supply will drop drastically once people stop farming it and farm the TBC Leathers. Of course other Leathers can be good to invest in as well.
  • Many useful items like Free Action Potions, Invisibility Potions and the Materials required for them will still be used in the same capacity as they are now. The materials will be in lower supply though, making the prices rise.

Preparing for TBC

While the experience required for leveling from 1-60 will be reduced in TBC by around 30%, it can be a good idea to level up your alts now. One of the reasons for this is that the minimum level to get to the maximum Profession skill will be raised by a lot. Some Professions even require running Level 70 Dungeons for their Specializations, like Alchemy.

In addition to that, even just leveling them up to 35 and getting the professions you are planning for them to 300 is a great preparation. This way you can level them up faster once TBC hits and get their professions maxed again.

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Dislike Mithril farming for jC, but its the best gold maker in TBC. The free 58 boost that blizz gives for TBC classic is a big NO from me. It will greatly disturb everything especially if they open fresh realms.

John Smith

They have CLEARLY stated it is not a FREE boost.


=\ They have clearly stated that everyone will get one free boost that can not be used on a blood elf or dranei!


No, everyibe will have acess to ONE PAID lvl 58 boost PER account.


I love the WoW Auction House addon you’ve linked, farming gold is like a hobby for me in-game!


I like the reasoning for holding onto that rugged leather, but remember that you only had to get your professions to 275 to open up MUCH easier Outlands recipes. I think rugged leather will still be in demand by the folks who want drums, but not to the degree they would if they had to get all the way to 300 via Classic mats.


yes but there will be that whole pre patch period when they can only get it to 300. and trust me these people aren’t gonna wait a month to finish the last 25 levels of vanilla professions