Naxxramas Raid Guide Sapphiron Kel'Thuzad

Naxxramas Raid Guide: Sapphiron & Kel’Thuzad

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Naxxramas Raid Guide - Frostwyrm Lair Map
Naxxramas Raid Guide – Frostwyrm Lair Map

Sapphiron Boss Guide

Sapphiron is one of the harder Bosses in Naxxramas. As with most dragons, he has a Tail Sweep and a Cleave ability, so the raid should position on one side of the boss.

The rest of the Raid should stand spread out on the same side, as this makes it easier to avoid Sapphiron’s Blizzard ability. In Addition, because of the massive amount of Frost Damage, the whole Raid should pop Greater Frost Protection Potions!

  • Frost Aura will deal ~600 frost damage every 2 seconds. This is where Frost Resistance of any kind help a lot. Paladins Aura and Shamans Totem are great, but if this ticks for too much, 2-3 pieces of Frost Resistance Gear per player should be enough.
  • Sapphiron will place a Life Drain curse on players, which will heal the boss when it ticks. This needs to be decursed by Druids and Mages!
  • He will summon Blizzards, which road the room and to 2000 damage per tick. They need to be avoided by the whole raid.

Sapphiron Air Phase

After a while, Sapphiron will take to the sky. He will then cast Icebolt on a few players, placing them in an Ice Tomb. This deals damage to surrounding players as well, so spread out!

After casting 5 Ice Bolts, Sapphiron will cast his next ability from the air, before landing: Frost Breath. This deals massive Frost Damage and will kill any player hit by it instantly. The only way to avoid this is to stand out of line of sight from the center of the room.

Sapphiron Boss Guide
Naxxramas – Sapphiron Boss Guide

Kel’Thuzad Boss Guide

Phase 1

During Phase 1 of the fight with Kel’Thuzad, the whole Raid will stay in the circle at the center of the room. There are three different types of enemies that will start walking towards the center, and need to be dealt with accordingly:

  • Unstoppable Abomination needs to be picked up by tanks and killed by the melees. They inflict a Mortal Wound debuff, so either kill them fast or have another tank taunt them off after a few stacks.
  • Soldier of the Frozen Wastes are packs of Skeletons. They walk towards the center slowly and if they ever reach a player, they will blow up for massive Shadow Damage.
  • Soul Weavers are Ghosts, that walk towards the center like the Skeletons. They need to be focused by range DDs, as they have an AoE Knockback called Wail of Souls, which also deals substantial Shadow Damage if they get to cast it.

Phase 2

After the add Phase, Kel’Thuzad will become active and needs to be picked up by the Tank quickly. Players need to get to their positions as quick as possible, as his Frost Blast can quickly kill the raid if players are not spread out.

Melees should create 3-4 camps around the boss, making sure that they are out of range of the other camps, so that Frost Blast doesn’t chain too much. Range DDs and Healers should spread out around the room.

  • Frostbolt will target the Player with the most aggro and should be interrupted as Priority 1 for melee players. It’s a 2 second cast, so Rogues should pool enough energy for Kick.
  • Frostbolt Volley goes out every 15 seconds and cannot be interrupted. It can be partially resisted and absorbed by Greater Frost Protection Potions. Player should also use their Bandages on cooldown between these Volleys.
  • Shadow Fissure is a red, demonic circle that appears somewhere and will kill any player standing in it after 3 seconds instantly. It needs to be avoided.
  • Detonate Mana will burn 50% of a random mana user’s mana bar over 5 seconds, before they explode. This is why the Ranged DDs and Healers need to spread out.
  • Chains of Kel’Thuzad is a Mind Control, which will target the Main Tank and 4 other players in the raid. The Tank will lose their aggro and start from 0 again, so another tank needs to take over. Mind Controlled Players can Heal and Buff the boss, so make sure to CC them!
  • Frost Blast, as mentioned before, is an Ice Prison similar to the one in the Sapphiron encounter. Though this one can chain to other players and deals 130% of their health as damage. Because of this, they need to be healed, so they don’t die. This happens every 30 seconds.

Phase 3

Phase 4 starts as soon as he reaches 40% health. 5 Guardians of Icecrown will spawn at the portals around the room. Three of them need to be shackled immediately by the priests. If more than 3 get Shackled, Kel’Thuzad will break them all free.

The other 2 adds need to be tanked by off tanks. They have a stacking buff, increasing their size and damage. Once the damage gets too high, the tanks need to transition to kiting the two adds around the room. Priests should keep their three adds shackled.

Naxxramas - Kel Thuzad Boss Guide
Naxxramas – Kel Thuzad Boss Guide

Congratulations! You have completed the final Boss in Classic WoW.

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