TBC Classic Phase 2 Release Date

TBC Classic Phase 2 is about to launch!

TBC Classic Phase 2 Launch Date

The Phase 2 patch has just hit the PTR Realm a couple of days ago. That tells us the rough time-frame for a Phase 2 Release Date. Typically, the PTR testing lasts at least 4-6 weeks, so we can confidently say that Phase 2 will launch late September at the earliest, likely towards October.

The Eye - Tempest Keep
The Eye – Tempest Keep

New Features coming to TBC with Phase 2

Just like it was in the Original TBC, the first Patch brings a lot of new Content and Features to World of Warcraft. Here’s a compiled list of all the new things!

LFG Tool

As Blizzard announced previously, the LFG Tool from original TBC will be introduced with Phase 2. There will be no automatic matchmaking and no teleporting straight to the Dungeon, though. It is strictly to make it easier to find a group while reducing the spam in the LFG Channel.


With the Release of Phase 2 for TBC Classic, Guildbanks will become available as well. These will be just like they were originally, and the first storage tab costs 100 gold. So get your bank guilds going while there are still people without guilds! You’ll need 10 signatures to form a guild.

The Eye: Tempest Keep & Serpentshrine Cavern 25 Man Raids

In addition to the above-mentioned new features, there will also be two new 25 Man Raids introduced: The Eye in Netherstorm and Serpentshrine Cavern in Zangarmarsh. While these two new Raids will only be available once the Patch for Phase 2 is released, you can already do the respective attunement quests. Tempest Keep: The Eye Attunement.

Ogri’la & Sha’tari Skyguard Reputation Factions

Two new Reputation Factions will be introduced with the Phase 2 Content Patch. The Ogres of Ogri’la, who have their base of operations on top of the western plateau in Blade’s Edge Mountains. There is also a small outpost of the Sha’tari Skyguard there, but those are primarily in Skettis, Terokkar Forest. There are even a couple of daylie quests that grant Reputation with both of these Factions!

How to prepare for the Phase 2 Launch

There are lots of things to do before the Patch hits to be better prepared for Phase 2:

  • Complete your Attunements for The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern.
  • Get your Twink ready for Karazhan! Some harder bosses there will get nerfed slightly.
  • Invest into materials that are needed for the new epic crafting recipes or resistance gear.

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