TBC Ogrila Reputation Guide

Ogri’la Reputation Guide

How to farm Ogri’la Rep in TBC Classic

Ogri’la is one of the factions that is not required to enter any Heroic Dungeons. However, there are a few nice epic items available once you reach Exalted with them. The Ogres of Ogri’la are allied with the Sha’tari Skyguard, and some of the daily quests for these factions share reputation gains. This makes it a wise choice to farm them both to Exalted at the same time. It should be noted that both of these factions are only available with a flying mount.

As always, here’s our Infographic for the Ogri’la Rep Faction:

TBC Ogrila Reputation Guide
TBC Ogrila Rep Guide

Ogri’la Reputation Rewards

Other than most Factions in Wow, all the Rewards from the Ogi’la are purchased with Apexis Crystals or Apexis Shards. Apexis Shards drop from any creature on the Ogri’la Plateaus in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. The Apexis Crystals drop from 5-Man bosses that can be summoned at different locations on the Plateau using 35 Shards. Here are some of the best rewards:

  • Crystalline Crossbow: A decent ranged weapon with hit rating.
  • Crystal Orb of Enlightenment: Caster offhand with some Intelligence, Stamina & Spellpower.
  • Shard-bound Bracers: Leather Agility/Stamina Bracers with a blue socket.
  • Vortex Walking Boots: Plate Strength/Stamina Boots with some crit rating.

Ogi’la Events & Quests Guide

Bash’ir Landing Raid

This is a timed event that happens roughly every 2 hours. During this event, a group of Shatari will attack the Bash’ir Landing area. There will be three waves of enemies that they have to deafeat. Once the waves are completed, and inbetween the waves, there are three vendors that spawn:

  • Wave 1: Aether-tech Assistant – Sells Potions
  • Wave 2: Aether-tech Adept – Sells unique gems
  • Wave 3: Aether-tech Master – Sells Meta gems and geodes

It should be noted that these Waves get harder and need a larger and larger group to defeat as they progress. It goes from 3-Man difficulty all the way to a full 25-Man Raid to defeat the whole event. Also, the Items from these vendors can only be purchased with Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals.

Shartuul & The Felguard Degrader

Once you reach honored, the Quest Banish the Demons will become available. This questline guides you through the whole event-chain where you control demons with unique abilities and must defeat unique and challenging bosses, all by yourself. I’m not joking, this event is for solo players and it’s so much fun that I don’t really want to spoil too much here 🙂

Just let it be said that there are some pretty juicy drops & rewards to be had here.

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