Zul Gurub High Priests Boss Guide

The High Priests of Zul’Gurub – Boss Guide

You can find a Boss Guide for Hakkar and the Optional Bosses of Zul’Gurub here.

The High Priests of Hakkar – Boss Guides

Zul’Gurub. The Troll Fortress of Stranglethorn Vale. Here, their God, Hakkar the Soulflayer, is residing. In order to get to him, though, all the High Priests will need to be killed. In this Boss Guide, I will explain as best I can, how to do that. The High Priests each take a unique animal aspect, which they transform into during the fight. I will go over the High Priests first, then Hakkar, and then the optional encounters in Part 2 of the Boss Guide. Here’s a map of the Zul’Gurub raid guide.

Zul Gurub raid guide map
Zul Gurub Raid Guide – Raid Map

High Priestess Jeklik (Bat Aspect)

Phase 1

  • All ranged DPS and Healers should form a camp at max range, to avoid her AoE attack.
  • One player, ideally a hunter, has to stand in between the boss and the camp, to soak up her charge attack, which does around 1000 damage to nearby players and silences them.
  • After 1 Minute, little bats start spawning, which need to be AoEd down. The focus should still be bringing the Boss down to 50% though.

Phase 2

  • Once Jeklik reaches 50% Health, she turns into a large bat. She should now be kited in a large circle around the room by the tank.
  • There are 2 Abilities that need to be interrupted now. One is a Healing Spell that heals her for 25% of her health, usually meaning a wipe if it gets through.
  • The other spell is a chain mind flay, which might not be as important to interrupt, though it can mean a wipe just as easily.
  • In Addition, Bats will now drop bombs, which is why the boss is being kited. They drop fire where they exploded, so get out of the fire!

High Priest Venoxis (Snake Aspect)

Phase 1

  • An offtank should tank the two adds around Venoxis. The Boss should be tanked near the large Bonfire. CC one of the Adds and kill them 1 by 1.
  • Now Have your ranged DPS damage the Boss, don’t use Mana intensive spells though. Now you need to drain Venoxis’ Mana, with hunters, priests and warlocks.
  • Now Melee can join in and bring the boss to 50%, which is when Phase 2 will begin. Melees should run away from the Boss before Phase 2 begins!

Phase 2

  • The Boss will now drop poison clouds on the ground, which is why it is not a good spot for melees.
  • The Tank will receive Poisons now, which need to be removed by Healers. Take care that he doesn’t die in this Phase.
  • Ranged DPS should now do full DPS on the Boss to bring him down. Melees can help, but don’t make your Healers job too hard!
Zul'Gurub Raid Guide - Zandalari Isle
Zul’Gurub Raid Guide – Zandalari Isle

High Priestess Mar’li (Spider Aspect)

  • To start the Fight, have a Priest Mind Control the speaker next to Mar’li and have him attack her. Have the raid kill the spider Adds and the MT get the boss once the Mind Controlled target dies.
  • Make two camps, ranged and melee. Have one offtank stay in the ranged camp, not attacking the boss.
  • Mar’li will turn into a Spider and cast Enveloping Webs on the Melee camp. When this happens, she will run to the ranged camp and the offtank will need to be ready to take her and head back to the melee camp.
  • A Spider Add will spawn during the fight, which needs to be focused by the ranged group. This add grows stronger the longer it lives.
  • She will use her Life Drain Ability on the Melee Camp, which needs to be interrupted. It heals her for quite a lot and needs to be looked out for.

High Priest Thekal (Tiger Aspect Boss Guide)

Phase 1

  • There are two Zealot (Lor’Khan and Zath) Adds in addition to the Boss, which need to be tanked separately. The three have to be killed within 10 seconds of each other!
  • You can either distribute the DPS into 3 groups or stop DPS at 10% for every boss.
  • Zealot Zath will either need a second tank or a Mage with very high threat.
  • The Zealots can both be disarmed.
  • Keep interupting Zealot Lor’Khan when he tries to cast Heal. This is one of the most important things in this fight.
  • Once the three Bosses are low enough, pull them together and AoE them down, to make sure they die together.

Phase 2

  • If Phase 1 was completed successfully, Thekal will turn into a Tiger and needs to be picked up by the MT.
  • Tiger Adds will start to spawn, which need to be focused by the ranged DPS.
  • Make sure there is always only one Tiger Add attacking and CC the rest using Polymorph and similar Abilities.
Zul Gurub Boss Guide - Center Temple
Zul Gurub Boss Guide – Center Temple

High Priestess Arlokk (Panther Aspect)

  • For this Boss, the entire Raid should group up either in the center or at the Gong. The boss needs to be tanked at the other location by the MT, away from the raid.
  • Because of Arlokks large cleave in Cat Form, Melees need to be very careful.
  • While in her Troll form, Arlokk can Gouge the tank. In that case, the Offtank needs to pick her up as quick as possible, so she doesn’t cleave the raid.
  • During the whole fight, Panther Adds will spawn. Use AoE fears and CCs to keep the, at bay until the Boss disappears. Then kill them.
  • When she reappears, she will be in her other Form. If she changed to Cat Form, Melees need to stay away!
  • This cycle will repeat until she is dead.

This concludes the first Part of the Zul’Gurub Boss Guide. You can find Guides for Hakkar and the Optional Bosses here.

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