tyrs hand elite farming

Tyrs Hand elite farming for gold

Tyrs Hand farming

Farming elite mobs in Classic WoW is one of the best ways to farm gold quickly. That being said, it’s not the easiest way, by far. If you are playing warlock, hunter or mage, you will have an easier time here, though it is definitely possible with all classes, you might just need some decent gear.

  • Gold per Hour: ~ 100 gold
  • Competition: low – medium
  • Requirements: level 60

Why elite farming is so profitable

In World of Warcraft, elite mobs generally have a better loot table. They drop more of everything, and even some items that don’t drop otherwise. One of the biggest gold earners for this location is the Runecloth. The Scarlet mobs all have an increased chance to drop it. In addition to this, they drop more green and grey items. There is even a chance for high level world drops here.

One of the unique things that only drop here is the Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader. It can sell for very large sums of gold, even hundreds, depending on how old your server is. But even without these rare drops, you can reach 100 gold per hour if you can kill the elite mobs consistently. Here is a map of where to find them:

eastern plaguelands elite farming
eastern plaguelands elite farming
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You cannot get the crusader recipe here, it was added later on to Scarlet Archmage loot table. i think in 2.0.3.

The only way to farm it right now is WPL, killing Scarlet Spellbinders. This spot is still pretty good though, since there are a lot more mobs here.


you’re 100% wrong, they definitely drop at tyr’s hand


Nope, Crusader doesn’t drop here yet. It’s a fact.


It actually DOES drop here, just not until TBC.