farming leather and cloth

The ultimate guide for farming Leather & Cloth

Farming Leather and Cloth

In this guide, I will show you which mobs levels drop which type of cloth or leather. Here is a map with zone levels, if you want to see which zone to go to. You can also find detailed leather and cloth farming guides in the sidebar to the right.

Farming Leather and Cloth
Farming Leather and Cloth

Where to farm Leather in Classic WoW

Note that the Ruined Leather scraps are not included here, these are skinned from lower level beasts instead of Light leather. Devilsaur Leather is also not included in this list. If you want to find out where to get that, check out this post.

Leather TypeLevel RangeSweet SpotHides
Light Leather6 – 2511 – 2011 – 25
Medium Leather16 – 3521 – 3016 – 35
Heavy Leather26 – 4531 – 4026 – 45
Thick Leather36+41 – 5040 – 60
Rugged Leather46+51+46 – 60

Where to farm Cloth

Cloth TypeLevel RangeSweet Spot
Linen Cloth5 – 2011 – 16
Wool Cloth16 – 3018 – 26
Silk Cloth28 – 4030 – 36
Mageweave Cloth38 – 5042 – 48
Felcloth50+ Demons50+
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