How to make gold with Jewelcrafting

How to make gold with Jewelcrafting

Gaining Gold in WoW is as important as brushing your teeth in the morning. While saving gold and not spending it on useless stuff is essential, earning it is just as significant. In this guide, we’ll show you how to earn money as a jewelcrafter by prospecting, and by cutting gems for profit.

Before we head further into the specifics, here’s a table containing the average yield from prospecting ores. Keep in mind that a lot of players choose jewel crafting as their profession, which means that doint the obvious won’t do the trick. Be innovative. Be special.

Yield-Table for prospecting ores
Yield-Table for prospecting ores

As you can see, Titanium as well as Saronite have the same average yield for rare gems. Where they differ are the lower rarity gems. Be sure to buy or farm ores in high quantities to ensure getting close to the above listed averages.

Depending on the jewelcrafting dailies, certain gems will skyrocket in their price. So be patient and max out the money you gain.

Prospecting Titanium/Saronite Ore

When prospecting Titanium and Saronite, you won’t always the lucky 4%. However, using the green gems can be just as valuable since those are needed by everyone. You can use them for the jewelcrafting daily, creating ice prisms, making meta gems and for many more recipes. For purely selling, you want as many Chalcedonies as possible. It’s not the highest profit gems, but sells extremely well in most cases. Together with Sun Crystals, Bloodstones and Huge Citrine, Chalcedonies are often used in JC dailies, resulting in higher profits.

We do not recommend cutting any of the green gems, since in most cases it’s a waste of time and money. Regarding blue gems, we suggest you to almost never sell them as they come.

Cutting Gems for Profit

As already mentioned above, blue gems should not be sold in their natural appearance. Forest Emeralds, Twilight Opals and Monarch Topaz can sometimes be found for a cheap price on the Auction House. It is recommended to buy them for a low price, cut them and vendor them for a higher price.

Scarlet Rubys and Autumn’s Glow can be sold as they are, but you should still keep an eye on the prices to ensure not wasting any gold. If possible, make them into Runed Scarlet Ruby and Smooth Autumn’s Glow, as they sell for a higher price most of the time. If you have a lot of them lying around, don’t hesitate to do both, process them and sell them the way they are.

Sky Sapphires are the ones you urgently want to always cut to make the most out of them. They sell for about 5-7g, while Solid Sky Sapphires sell for around 15g. These are your highest profit gems, so keep an eye out for them.

Ultimately, when deciding what to do with your gems, you should consider the actual prices, dailies and needs of the other players. While it’s not necessarily the best way of making money in WotLK Classic, it is a solid way of having a good side hustle.

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