TBC Keepers of Time Reputation Guide

Keepers of Time Reputation Guide

How to farm Keepers of Time Rep

The Keepers of Time are one of the most straight forward factions of TBC. The only way to gain reputation with them is to run the two Dungeons in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, either on Normal or Heroic mode. Apart from that, there is one questline, which leads you through these dungeons and gives quite a lot of reputation.

I recommend saving the turn-in of the last quest in this quest line for Revered to Exalted, since it’s quite a chunk of Keepers of Time Rep. Here’s all the info in one image:

TBC Keepers of Time Reputation Guide
TBC Keepers of Time Rep Guide

Keepers of Time Rep Rewards

As most TBC Reputation factions, once you reach Revered, you can get the Key to the Heroic versions of the respective Dungeons, in this case Black Morass and Old Hillsbrad. Apart from that, there are a couple of interesting Recipes for Jewelcrafers, Alchemists & Enchanters

  • Timelapse Shard: Decent PvP Trinket
  • Riftmaker: Slow Dagger with Agility
  • Bindings of the Timewalker: Nice Healer Bracers
  • Glyph of the Defender: Tank Head Enchant

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