Naxxramas Raid Guide The Abomination Quarter

Naxxramas Raid Guide: The Abomination Quarter

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Naxxramas Raid Guide - Abomination Quarter Map
Naxxramas Raid Guide – Abomination Quarter Map

Patchwerk Boss Guide

Patchwerk is a real DPS testing boss. Apart from his Hatful Strike, he doesn’t do a lot. Here’s how it works:

  • Hateful Strike will only target players within melee range.
  • Hateful Strike will only target players between second, third, and fourth on threat.
  • Hateful Strike will only target the player with the most health.

This is the reason why there are 3 Offtanks required for the Patchwerk fight. They need a very high health pool and need to make sure they stay at positions 2-4 in threat.

Because he will only target players in melee range with his Hateful Strike, range DDs can pump DPS, as long as they don’t pass the Main Tank. If any melees creep up to positions 2-4, they can step into the slime river to reduce their health pool.

In addition to this mechanic, once Patchwerk reaches 5% health, he will go Enrage, which increases his attack speed and damage. This shouldn’t be a huge problem, as the Main Tank won’t eat the Hateful Strikes. They can always use a Shield Wall or similar CDs for this Phase.

After 7 Minutes, Patchwerk will go berserk and wipe the raid. There’s nothing to do about this. Just kill him faster!

Patchwerk Boss Guide
Patchwerk Boss Guide


While Grobbulus needs a bit more coordination, there are still only 2 major mechanics to this boss fight. Throughout the fight, the Main Tank will kite the boss in a large circle around the outside of the room, while facing him away from the raid. They need to take it slow enough so that don’t get out of melee range for too long.

  • Grobbulus will cast Mutating Injection on a random player, dealing nature damage. Once this debuff is cleansed, a Poison Cloud will spawn and start growing at that location.
  • Poison Clounds need to be laid down behind the boss. Priests, Paladins and Shamans need to be careful when dispelling this, as it might cause a wipe if a Poison Cloud starts growing in the raid.
  • The reason why Grobbulus needs to be faces away from the raid is his Slime Spray. Any player hit by this will spawn a Fallout Slime. They need to be dealt with by melees, though this shouldn’t happen a lot.
  • There is a 12 Minute Enrage timer to this Boss, though most raids will likely die too poorly positioned Poison Clouds or Slimes before that.

Grobbulus Boss Guide
Grobbulus Boss Guide


Before the raid can enter Gluths room, they need to run through a Toxic Pipe. While inside the pipe, players will take nature damage regularly, so using a Greater Nature Protection Potion for this is advised. The fight begins right after this.

The primary mechanic for the Gluth fight is the Zombie Chow. Zombies will spawn throughout the fight. They need to be kited by range DDs and can’t ever reach Gluth, as he will eat them and heal himself.

  • Every 10 Seconds, Gluth will Frenzy. This needs to be removed by hunters using Tranquilizing Shot.
  • Every 20 Seconds, the boss will Fear the raid. Shamans can use Tremor Totems here, and Dwarf Priests can use Fear Ward.
  • Gluth puts a Stacking Mortal Wound debuff on the Tank, reducing incoming healing by 10% per stack. He is Taunt immune, though! So tanks need to overtake each other in time.
  • Every ~100 Seconds, Gluth will cast Decimate, reducing the health of all players and Zombies to 5%. The Zombie Chow will start walking towards Gluth, and needs to be AoE’d down now. If they reach Gluth, he will heal. It is important that the Zombies have been kited well so they can be AoE’d effectively.
  • Players hit by the Zombie Chow will get a stacking debuff called Infected Wound, which increases the damage they take from their auto attacks. This should be avoided.

Gluth Boss Guide
Gluth Boss Guide

Thaddius Boss Guide

Thaddius is a flesh titan, that will be petrified within his room, accompanied by Stalagg and Feugen, who are bound to a tesla coil each. IN order to free Thaddius and make him attackable, players will have to kill these two at the same time, so that Thaddius comes to life.

Stalagg and Feugen

Both of these wights have some shared abilities and one unique ability. Stalagg just has a Buff increasing his attack speed, while Feugen can burn mana from nearby players. So melees will go on Feugen’s side and healers can outrange this.

  • They are chained to a tesla coil each, and when they get too far away from it, they start casting Chain Lightning.
  • They also both have a War Stomp dealing around 700 damage to nearby players with a light knowback. So be careful at the edges of the platforms.
  • Every 20 Seconds, Magnetic Pull will happen, swapping out the tanks on both platforms. There should be backup Tanks ready to take them.

Thaddius Mechanics

  • Thaddius will periodically cast Chain Lightning, dealing increasing nature damage with each jump. This needs to be healed through.
  • Polarity Shift will happen every 30 seconds. Every player will get one of 2 debuffs at random: Positive Charge or Negative Charge. Any player standing near one with the opposite charge will deal 2000 damage to them! Players near the same charge will get a damage boost. Positive charge should be on the left of the boss and negative to the right (or the other way around, but separated).
  • After 5 Minutes, Thaddius will go Enrage and wipe the Raid.
  • If there is no Player in Melee Range, he will start casting Ball Lightning, wiping the raid.

Thaddius Boss Guide
Thaddius Boss Guide

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