TBC Sporeggar Reputation Guide

Sporeggar Reputation Guide

Sporeggar rep farm guide

Sporeggar is one of the easier Factions to get to Exalted Reputation with. The repeatable quests all give 750 reputation and there are several turn-ins that are available all the way to Exalted. You can even kill the some Mobs in Zangarmarsh to gain 15 Reputation for every kill, which is quite a lot, considering other Factions usually only give 5 Reputation per kill.

The easiest way to get Sporeggar to Exalted is to do the repeatable quests that are available at their camp in Zangarmarsh. They give you 750 Reputation every time, meaning you only need to do a total of around 60 quests to get to Exalted.

Here’s a cool Infographic that shows all the ways to gain Reputation with Sporeggar and how long it works:

TBC Sporeggar Reputation Guide
TBC Sporeggar Rep Guide

Why farm Sporeggar Reputation?

Sporeggar is one of those Faction that doesn’t give you much in the way of rewards. It’s more of a collecting thing. There are a couple of Cooking Recipes at Neutral, which everyone should reach by just Questing through Zangarmarsh. Other than that, there is of course the Tiny Sporeling pet at Exalted. It’s very cute.

How to farm Sporeggar Rep

I’ll outline how you should go about farming Sporeggar rep:

  • Unfriendly-Neutral: Do The Sporelings’ Plight and Natural Enemies Quests until you reach neutral.
  • Neutral-Friendly: Gather and Turn in Glowcaps and Fertile Spores or continue with the other two Quests.
  • Friendly-Exalted: Gather Sanguine Hibiscus in the Underbog for Bring me a Shrubbery or kill Naga for Now That We’re Friends... The Nagas also give Reputation with the Cenarion Expedition early on. You can also continue to turn-in Fertile Spores. All of these things work all the way to Exalted.

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