Black Temple Attunement Guide

Preparing for TBC Phase 3

How to prepare for Phase 3

With TBC Phase 3, two new raids, Hyjal and Black Temple, will be released, and you should prepare for them! Here are some things to do before Phase 3 hits live servers:

  • Complete your Black Temple Attunement as far is you can.
  • Stock up on items that will be used more after the patch
  • Get your twinks equipped in the current Raids

Investing for TBC Phase 3

There are three bosses in Phase 3 that might require some Shadow Resistance. There will be new craftable resistance items for every armor class, and all of them need the same Materials:

  • Void Crystals
  • Primal Shadow
  • Primal Life

Apart from the usage in the Resistance Gear, Void Crystals might be a good investment for Phase 5 as well. This is because with Sunwell, a Recipe will be available to enchanters to break one Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards. As you can imagine, this will significantly influence the prices of those two items. Keep in mind though, that this change will only come with Phase 5, not Phase 3.

Phase 3 Release Date for TBC

As far as a release Date for Phase 3 goes, we don’t have an official announcement yet, though we can make a pretty good guess. It took 6 weeks from the Phase 2 PTR to it’s release, and we don’t yet have a PTR for Phase 3, but it will likely follow shortly after the nerfs to Phase 2 Raids that are coming soon.

With that in mind, Phase 3 is likely to launch sometime in January or early February next year.

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