WotLK Classic investment and preparation

WotLK Classic investment and preparation

How to prepare for WotLK Classic

With the Release of WotLK Classic probably on the horizon in Fall of 2022, now is the best time to start preparing and investing. As soon as we have an announcement, everyone will start doing these things, so you better get in on it early!

Of course, preparing your twinks and professions is something everyone can do, even though the materials for profession leveling might get more expensive when we have an announcement. Just like preparing some Achievements that are already tracked, these things will ramp up and can be taken advantage of.

The most important thing to do as early as you can, though, is investing your gold. As soon as there’s something about the next expansion in the air, the prices will start to rise.

WotLK Release Investment in Herbs
WotLK Release Investment in Herbs

What to invest in for WotLK Classic

So, what should you invest in for the Release of WotLK Classic? As with TBC, there will be a new profession added to the game, Inscription. Many people will want to level this new profession, since it has great possibilities for making gold. Assuming Blizzard will allow players to level this 2 weeks before the release, like with Jewelcrafting, we should really start buying everything required to level it. Here’s a list of low level herbs that I am currently buying whenever they are below 1 gold per stack:

  • Ancient Lichen
  • Felweed
  • Icecap
  • Arthas’ Tears
  • Sungrass
  • Fadeleaf
  • Khadgar’s Whisker
  • Wintersbite
  • Gravemoss
  • Kingsblood
  • Liferoot
  • Wild Steelbloom
  • Bruiseweed
  • Mageroyal
  • Peacebloom
  • Silverleaf
  • Earthroot

This will most likely be the largest portion of my investments. But, if you are on a quite high population server, there might be a few more things you can do. For example, there is an achievement called Insane in the Membrane, which requires some actually insane things. I’ll have a separate Guide on that by the time it becomes relevant. You can invest in some items that will be needed for this Achievement:

  • Libram of Rapidity (<5g)
  • Libram of Protection (<5g)
  • Libram of Focus (<5g)
  • Pristine Black Diamond (<2g)
  • Level 60 Epic card Decks (50-100g)

Of course, as people start leveling their twinks and their professions, the materials for leveling all other professions will also rise in price. This is a bit more unpredictable, though, and I won’t advise you to buy any of those. Just get your own professions up early enough, so you don’t have to deal with the higher prices later on.

How much will it be worth in WotLK?

It’s hard to say what the prices will be like in WotLK. If we have learned anything from private servers, the prices for flasks, potions and elixirs will mostly stay the same. This makes it even more important that you sell the items you invested into at the right time. The herbs most likely sell best right when Inscription is added to the game. The stuff for Insane in the Membrane will most likely only sell later into the expansion.

Prepare twinks and professions for WotLK

Some things to keep in mind for the Release of WotLK:

  • In order to get any profession to max skill on WotLK, you’ll need to be level 65.
  • To prepare best, you want to get them to 375 as soon as you can.
  • Some professions require level 80 or at least 77 for some recipes, like Jewelcrafting.

With this in mind, there is a high probability that the leveling process from 60-70 will be sped up with the pre-patch. Make of that what you will, you can still only level so much in 2-3 weeks of pre-patch.

Preparing achievements

One of the big new features that is coming with WotLK is the Achievement System. Many people will start to farm achievements like crazy, so you might want to get a headstart! Here are some Achievements you can already do:

  • Full Exploration of every Zone
  • Quests – The Loremaster Achievement (basically) requires you to complete every Zone
  • Exalted Reputations
  • Mounts
  • Secondary Professions (Fishing, Cooking, First Aid)
  • Seasonal Events (Get items that stay around, like the pets and coins to buy things next time around)
  • Weapon Skills
  • Honorable Kills

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