How to get Epic Gems in WotLK Classic Phase 3

How to get Epic Gems in WotLK Phase 3

Why you want Epic Gems

Apart from being powerful when correctly used and combined, boosting your stats effectively, gems are a good way for gaining an extra bit of money. In this guide, we’ll go over the best methods of gaining acquiring the Epic Gems of Phase 3 in WotLK Classic.

Where to get Epic Gems

1. PvP and Honor

PvP is a great way to gain an extra boost of gold as well as honor, which can be used to purchase gems. Each Gem is available for 10k honor, which means you’ll be able to snipe the most expensive gems you want for a considerably low cut.

We recommend doing Wintergrasp on all characters. You’ll be able to get 20k Honor per hour.

2. Transmuting with alchemy

The reason blue gems are skyrocketing in value is that they are required for transmuting as well as an Eternal Fire.

Keep in mind that there is a cooldown of 20h on transmuting gems, which unfortunately makes it a pretty inefficient way of gaining gems, although it’s a nice bonus to the other ways of doing it.

3. Emblems of Heroism


You can trade in Emblems of Heroism to acquire some gems. For 10 Emblems, you can get Ametrine, Dreadstone and Eye of Zul. For 20 Emblems, you can get King’s Amber, Cardinal Ruby and Majestic Zircon.

With Ursuri Brightcoin you’ll be able to trade in multiple emblems at once in the Underbelly.

Since King’s Amber is now available, players will be able to craft Jeeves, the robot butler.

4. Prospecting

Of course, prospecting is also a way to get epic gems. We’ve already covered this in the previous posts, so be sure to check out the links below!

Link: How to Prepare for Patch 3.2

Link: How to make gold with Jewelcrafting

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