Paladin mount quest guide

Epic Mount: Paladin mount quest guide

How to prepare for the epic quest line

In the process of the paladin epic mount quest chain, you will need lots of materials and some gold. Not all at once, but if you want to be prepared and get it as quick as possible, here’s what you need:

Runecloth40Here’s how to farm it
Arcanite Bar6Transmuted by Alchemists
Arthas’ Tears10Gathered by Herbalists
Stratholme Holy Water 5In crates inside Stratholme
Enriched Manna Biscuit20Argent Dawn (Friendly)
Azerothian Diamond1From Thorium Veins (rare)
Pristine Black Diamond1Dungeon drop (rare)
A Paladin on his charger mount
A Paladin on his charger mount – Paladin epic mount quest

The Paladin epic Mount Quest

This is what you need to do for the Paladin mount quest:

  • Get the Quest Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker from your class Trainer and find the NPC with the same name in the Cathedral in Stormwind.
  • He will send you to Ironforge’s Mystical Ward. Once there, to complete the quest, you will need to buy Rohan’s Exorcism Censer for 150 gold.
  • In the next step, you need to go to Terrordale in the north western part of the Eastern Plaguelands
  • Once there, find the green glowing spots, clear any nearby mobs, then use the Exorcism Censer. You will need to exorcise a total of 25 spirits.
  • Now you need to talk to Grimand Elmore in the Dwarfen District of Stormwind. He requires most of the above mentioned materials and another 150 gold.
  • For the next part of the Quest, you will need the Enriched Manna Biscuits. Find Merideth Carlsonin Southshore, Hillsbrad and complete her Quest “Manna-Enriched Horse Feed”.
  • With this horsefeed, you can continue the main quest chain into Dire Maul West. Here, you will need to find the “Ancient Equine Spirit”, which spawns after killing the treant Boss Tendris Warpwood. Simply turn in the Quest, then return to Stormwind.
  • In the final parts of the Paladin Mount Quest Line, you need to turn in the last of the required items from the List above and get the Quest “Judgment and Redemption” and head gather a Group for Scholomance
  • In Scholomance, clear the room with Rattlegore, then place the Divination Scryer on the ground in the center. It is contained inside Lord Grayson’s Satchel“.
  • This will start an event with 4 waves of monsters, each with a mini boss at the end. The mobs in each wave are weak to a specific Seal. Here’s which seals you should judge:
    • Wave 1: Seal of Wisdom
    • Wave 2: Seal of Justice
    • Wave 3: Seal of Righteousness
    • Wave 4: Seal of Light
  • Once the waves are completed, the Final Boss of this event and the paladin mount quest line will spawn: Death Knight Darkreaver. Once he is dead, he will drop your new Mount’s Soul. Use the item, then talk to the leftover spirit and turn in the Quest

Congratulations! You now have your unique epic Paladin Mount.

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Before you go to Terrordale with the censor, you must go see Lord Grayson located in the Cathedral in Stormwind. He gives you the quest to go to Terrordale to exorcise the 25 demons.